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How I Became an ‘A’ Student – KASU Best Graduating Student (2018)

“How I became an ‘A’ student” is a comprehensive story told by a student, who through hard work and dedication, has proved that nothing is impossible in life.  The reader will find out that in life, nobody is to blame if one does not succeed.

How I Became an 'A' Student

The writer, having dedicated his life fully to God and his faith and put into practice what he was taught about life came out as the overall best graduating student.

In this article, Ededa states issues confronting students and proffers solution to these issues. He perfectly addressed issues on bad association, discipline, exam malpractice and the misconception of being a genius without hard work.

Given the quality of the issues addressed in this book, I strongly recommend this book to students at all levels of education as a guide to being academically successful.

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